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i'm the kind of human wreckage that you love.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
i'm the kind of human wreckage that you love.

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Mash Game: Predict Your Future at eSPIN-the-Bottle [December 18th, 2008 / 10:27am]
Behold... My Future
  I will marry Soul.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in silent hill in our fabulous House.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a yellow chevy impala.
  I will spend my days as a exotic dancer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future
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[September 3rd, 2007 / 6:34pm]

you can find my head here.

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[June 15th, 2007 / 12:46am]

comment to be added ^^
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